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Activity Discussion General Discussion What be the changes in lifestyle of the people after covid-19 pandemic gets over

  • What be the changes in lifestyle of the people after covid-19 pandemic gets over

    Posted by Kumari on May 12, 2021 at 3:50 pm

    What be the changes in lifestyle of the people after covid-19 pandemic gets over?

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  • Aashutosh

    May 12, 2021 at 5:08 pm
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    It’s been a more than year since the COVID-19 hits us hard and changes our lives abruptly. When we look around, we hardly see group of people gathering around. They have their mask on and try to maintain social distancing. Not only it has changed our lives but also our working environment.

    So, let’s see how pandemic has affected different professions and peoples.

    Teachers or Professors: Offline teaching is replaced with online teaching. They are attending meeting, classes via zoom. Teaching through technology has made them know about different techniques but who aren’t familiar with technologies are going through humiliation from children.

    Journalists: Their life hasn’t changed much. Apart from wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, they haven’t grown much. They in fact blabber about anything in front of media.

    IT Sector: This pandemic hit hard in IT sector too. It has been powerful for some while some have lost their jobs. And work from home seems to be hectic for few people while for some attending meetings while having breakfast have been great.

    Housewives / Mother: COVID-19 and Lockdown presented many holidays to all the workers. Be it someone who has government job or private job or doing business. But, Mother/Housewives is never off duty. They work in all circumstances yet they never complain. In this Pandemic they are glad to get their family back.

    Kids: The happiest one’s are the young generation. They don’t have an ounce of worry; their online class is nothing but simple walk to the park.

    College Students: Whether it is Coronavirus or Tsunami, they don’t get any chance to relax, be it in college or at home. The piling assignments, viva and projects are the nightmares that College students are dealing with.

    Business Men: Are they doing great? Often Business men are considered to be the wealthiest people but this pandemic didn’t leave anyone. The business they started was stalled due to COVID-19.

    Daily Wage Workers: Those who lived on their daily income is immensely affected by this pandemic. Either they die due to hunger or with Coronavirus. All is same.

    Anxiety and grief are so notable as the country battles the outbreak of coronavirus. In these difficult times, some people are doing their best to help the society cope with the crisis.

    So what would happen if this Pandemic gets over?

    1.We all will return to our old life’s, where we were care free, laughing, working without any restriction.

    2.Caring for our health will be our top most priorities.

    3. We will give times to our families.

    4. We all will know the value of Human Lives.

    5. Whether there is pandemic or not, people will genuinely help those who are in dire situation.

    6. Wearing masks would be common.

    7. But the fear of losing our family and friends will remain with us all of our life.

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