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  • Ishita

    July 29, 2021 at 3:03 pm
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    It is very important to have a sustainable lifestyle. It ensures us to live a happy, healthy life. Sustainable lifestyle can help us and our environment both. A sustainable lifestyle means proper eating, sleeping, socialism, waste disposal and more. If we can follow these than we can able to live a sustainable lifestyle. A sustainable lifestyle and improve us and our future. It conserves energy, resources, and many more. We all know that our earth is going through a difficult time due to global warming and pollution. A sustainable lifestyle can prevent these. We should not take our environment for granted. We are surviving because of it. Our most unsustainable behavior is deforestation, trees are the source of oxygen and we can not live without oxygen. But still for reasons like urbanization, construction, agriculture we cut down the trees. It makes a huge bad impact on the environment and our lives. There will be a time when we suffer a lot for this impulsive behavior. This is the time to live a sustainable life to prevent all kinds of destruction. These are environmental impacts but an unsustainable lifestyle can also impact on our body and our lives as well. Like if we don’t eat properly or sleep properly it makes a huge impact on your health. A sustainable lifestyle can make us better humans. It improves ourselves and our environment. So if you are living a reckless lifestyle it is better to stop it. It can take time to have compassion towards others and nature. A sustainable lifestyle fills your life with positivity. It makes our atmosphere more likable.

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