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Activity Discussion Essay General discussion

  • Sakchi

    May 14, 2021 at 11:56 am
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    Mobile Phone is one of the greatest invention of 20th century. Mobile Phone has become necessity for everyone now-a-days . Mobile phones is a electronic gadgets . Its main application is Communication. It helps us to communicate with anyone at anytime. It has eradicated the barrier of distance and how we feel connected to everyone. We don’t need to travel like we were earlier doing . Really mobile phones is a wonderful gadget of todays world. But as we know everything has its two sides one good and one bad . Similarly, phones also have merits and demerits too. Let us discuss these points in details:-

    Advantages of using mobile phones:-

    1. Mobile phones has made our life easier , we can call anyone whenever we require. Also if someone is in trouble , he/she can connect to anyone and secure himself.

    2. As we know, now there are lots of applications found in single phones . Actually , it is an convergence of media , applications and many more. We can use various apps at same time in single phone.

    3. Best place of storing data , personal details as there is password system in every phone so no one can have easily access to it.

    4. If you have access to internet , that you can use mobile phones in variety of ways. Like you can , search, use Google maps, order foods etc.

    5. Mobiles phones are also very easy handling gadgets and also cheaper . Now, you don’t need to carry torch, camera, recorder, typing machines all you can get in single phone.

    6. Mobile phones also helps in Communicating to our family members living in abroad. We can video chat also.

    Now , let us see the disadvantages of mobile phones:-

    1. Mobile Phone , has effected the business of torch , cameras and many more. It also leads to unemployment.

    2. Something , people get addicted to mobile phones and thus , it degrades their health ..

    3. Having mobile phones is like peer pressure for children.

    4. It is also a way to do crime in most of the conditions.

    Thus, I must say we must use the electronic gadgets not misuse. Gadgets are for making our life easier only not for spaming.

    Thank you!!

  • Ishita

    May 13, 2021 at 8:30 pm
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    Mobile phones are become the most important part of our daily life. We can’t think of our lives without it .In earlier time mobile phones were only used for communication but today it’s being used on various purpose.Most of the people have smart phones on their hands.By using phones we all are become a part of modern technology which gives us so many power. On the other hand it can destroy our lives. So there are some advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phone,

    Advantages of mobile phone:-

    1)We can communicate with people very easily.

    2) There are so many online platform like- Facebook, Instagram, what’s app by which we can communicate with people around the world.

    3)If we are having any problem in understanding a meaning ,finding information, learn about something we can get it by a second by google it.

    4) We can buy and sell products by using various apps.

    5) We can also entertain ourselves by using social media by online games, watching flims, listening to music,reading books which are not currently available in our near by shopes.

    6) In this pandemic situation mobiles helps us by attending online classes and office meetings.

    Disadvantages of mobile phones:-

    1) Mobile phones make our kids very introvert , they seems to have no interest in outdoor playing games.

    2) Mobile phones distract us from all of our daily works. The youth become so much addicted towards it.

    3) The young generations are trapped on using social media by hackers, become the victims of cyber crime.

    4) Mobile phones can also caused cyber bullying, it can cause mental trauma, anxiety and often make to feel us low.

    5) Mobile phone also can effect on our organ by its harmful rays, this rays can effect on our eyes, brain, ear.

    6) In this pandemic situation most of the class are held by online video calling apps but it’s very difficult for the children of ruler areas as they don’t get network connection and smart phones so it’s cause the downfall of their education.

  • Tejasri

    May 14, 2021 at 12:18 pm
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    The mobile phone is a small the device with the world within. It is a very useful device which an individual can use for all the purposes like texting,calling,gaming etc.


    1.Business purposes:-

    It is a very useful device to promote the products and to improve the business in the social media. This improves the sales of the products and results in good amount of profits.

    2. Work becomes easy:-

    The work becomes very easier in the mobile phones when compared to the laptops. The mobile phones can be carried to the anywhere and everywhere where we can go.

    3. Can communicate to longer distances:-

    By using the mobile phone so we can communicate to the people who are distanced. It is so helpful to keep our loved ones in touch.


    The private life has become the public life. Every individual is thinking that it is right to post everything on social media but they never knew that it’s not good for them. Many of the teenagers post their private pictures in the social media .It has become a daily habit to all the teenagers and even the kids to surf the phone. It is such a bad habit that one shouldn’t develop.

    It is good to use the social media for the business purposes, education, health etc. but not to waste the time necessarily and to use it for unnecessary chats.

    There are many disadvantages of using the mobile more than the usage. Some of them include the following:-

    1. Sight defect:-

    when we use the mobile for longer period of time , the retina gets damaged and the side defect gets increased.

    2. Stress and headache:-

    stress and headache are the most common things which all the people are coming across these days. This is because stressing the brain for longer cars. At least there must be a 10 to 15 minutes gap for every one hour of using the mobile phone.

    3. Radiation:-

    The mobile phone emits 10 times more radiation when in the low power mode. So, it is a very bad thing to expose to the mobile.

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