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Activity Discussion Essay General discussion

  • Aruja

    June 3, 2021 at 1:13 pm
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    1) Positivity create a great impact on once life.

    2) In today’s world every person is suffering from some kind of problem. This problem sometimes create diseases like stress, depression and sometimes these get so worse that people try to attempt suicide and try to solve their problems by doing crimes.

    3) Positivity helps by making people believe in themselves and think that things will get better slowly and gradually.

    4) Positivity tells people that sometimes it’s not important to work on something constantly, sometime it’s just to let it be, the time will Heal everything you just need to set a mindset that no matter how hard it is I will make it right by improving myself, I will work on myself and I will make sure that one day everything will be like I wanted to be. Although, it’s not possible for everyone to achieve what they wanted because for that you need to be really confident that you can do it and in order to remain confident you need to work hard and put efforts, time, your everything to be sure that I am good enough and I am deserving that I will achieve whatever I want. Whether it’s your relief from stress, whether it is overcoming some depression, whether it’s your goals, relationships problems.

    Positivity is not just a thought that I should not think bad about anything. But it is way much more than that. It is the thought, the thinking, the believe that can help you to through every bad thought, bad thinking. In tension, anxiety, stress, pain how to control your mind, your soul and your body from the root and for that you need to actually apply it from the the inner perspective of yourself.

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