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Activity Discussion General Discussion How to control population

  • Sakchi

    May 12, 2021 at 12:26 pm
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    India ranks second in the list of countries on the basis of population. India’s population is approximately equal to 17.7% of total population of world . Firstly we see why population becomes a major problem.

    1. In my opinion, population leads to poverty . For instance if there are 4-5 children of parents and they can’t able to give any of them their basic needs including education , proper food , clothes , shelters . There is always shortage of money and ultimately poverty .

    2. Over population leads to poverty and poverty is the factor which forces parents to send thair child to work . Yes , I am talking about child labour . Due to shortage of money , food they are forced to do that.

    3. Giving birth is a natural process. And womens are privileged to have this great strength. But , it wrostly effect Women’s health when they suppose to give birth more babies.

    Yes, these are some of the factors why we should control population.

    Measures to control population:-

    1. Family planning :- we should aware everyone about family planning and its importance . There is slogan that — hum do and hamare do . We should spread it .

    2. Imparting sex education in school :- This will educate teens and adults too . We should talk about this topic effectively .

    3. Provide information about healthcare .

    4. Government should take initiative of only two child norms .

    5. Also proving information about unwanted pregnancy either due to unprotected sex practices or failure of barrier.

    In this way we can control our population.

    Thank you!!

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