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  • Ishita

    July 31, 2021 at 12:32 pm
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    All individuals are different from each other, that’s how we can recognise each other. Basically people are different from each other because of their genes. But many times people can be the same , which is the case with identical twins. Not only from appearance but also by lifestyle, language,background and customs. It is obvious to be different, everyone is unique in their own way. The main reason for the difference between people is genetic and upbringing. We all learned the good and bad in our childhood but not all people can be good or not all people can be bad. It is because of the upbringing we have and the values we learn. We learn these from parents, teachers and elders. All of us can not obey things because of our nature. And this makes us different. We all don’t have the same talent or ability because we are different . Some people learn music, dance, some learn sports and some learn painting. It is in our passion which we can not have methodically, it is by birth. Our different choices make us different from each other. Sometimes you just do not get along with one another.Each person has different experiences that make up the personality of the person. That’s why two people can’t be the same. Our hobbies, personality, beliefs, and perception make us different. There is no problem to be different but you should not be different in a negative way. We are different from each other. That is the reason that we learn so much from each other. So everyone individual has a different identity that’s is reason that all person are not same.

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