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Activity Discussion General Discussion How to develop personality?

  • Aparajita

    May 12, 2021 at 9:50 am
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    Personality development is basically organized behavioral patterns, which one practices in their day to day life. In general, many factors are accountable to how ones personality shapes up including, society variables, genetics, environment and also parenting.

    There are list of things that can help one develop him/her with a better personality. Few of them are listed below:

    · Confidence

    This is the most important factor of all. One must be confident about how they speak, how they feel and how they work. Being confident helps making one self-appreciative and moreover, confidence helps one go out of the box and take risks, in return gaining more opportunities.

    · Originality

    There is difference between copying and following. It is always recommended to follow something that inspires you to try new things, but blindly copying something doesn’t help you grow out of the boundaries. Being original gives chances of making your own mistakes and at the same time gives you scope to grow.

    · Body language

    Apart from intellectual requirement, your body language speaks a lot about you. A sulking, scared, not-so-confident attitude and posture can never depict a leader’s image. One must be upright, full of positivity and good outlook towards different phases in life.

    · Good listener

    Listening is yet another most important factor that plays key role in one’s personality. Talking too much just reveals more and more information about you. Listening helps understand things better and brings change in your perspective towards different things. One must know when to speak and where to speak.

    · Sporty by nature

    Having an outgoing, fun loving personality always stands out. One must know how to balance both work in hand and leisure activities to maintain their interests and present mindedness.

    · Developing new interests

    One must always explore more and more. Always look forward to things that make you feel uneasy to get along. It adds to your personality that yes, you do enjoy taking healthy risks and make progress in life.

    · Increase new interaction

    Talking to you new people helps understand human psychology better and helps you in getting experience of how to interact with people and understand them better.

    · Take stand

    Taking stand on your opinions is important. Speaking for your opinion is important. At the same time it is equally or more important that you are confident about what you speak.

    · Know yourself

    It is very important to know yourself, know your worth. One must know his/her strengths and weaknesses. Working on you is the eternal key to develop into a better personality.

    I hope this answer helps!😊

  • Tejasri

    May 12, 2021 at 12:28 pm
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    There are numerous ways to develop the personality, some of them include the following.

    1. Self awareness:- An individual must motivate himself or herself, and must possess the courage to do things. In one or the other way the individual must train themselves in such a way that they excel in a particular thing or an aspect. Self-awareness is very important in developing a personality.

    2. Self-knowledge:- Self knowledge plays a crucial role in personality development. We must have the knowledge to build the personality, for that there are several ways to attain it. Some of the basic ways include,reading books, learning from Aldos etc. it is better to learn when you know nothing as something is better than nothing.

    3. Quality of life:- Quality of life is very important thing. The way you are spending your life, the way you’re working on things, the way you are respectful towards the things and the way you are achieving the things is very important.

    4.Dreams:- And individual must have some dreams because it is very important to dream. This is because, if an individual dream about a thing then he or she tries so hard to achieve it in one of the other day the dream will surely be achieved. This is how dreams help to build your personality or to develop your personality. So, never neglect dreams instead try to fulfill them and try to achieve them in your life.

    5.Identity:- Identity is a very important thing in developing one’s personality. Because, it is very important to know what you are and how you are behaving. Identity is something which people around gives you. When you excel in a particular thing you’ll be identified and you’ll be appreciated. So, identity is very important to develop personality.

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