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Activity Discussion General Discussion Give some safety tips while making online transaction?

  • Tejasri

    June 23, 2021 at 12:28 pm
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    The Technology has become the greatest bliss for everyone. It has comforted everyone to the maximum. It made things to work in a simpler way. Machine made things replaced the man made things and now the machine made things are being replaced by the technology.

    For example, money transferring has become so easy and it has demolished the panic in the people to lose the money. Money transferring has comforted the mankind in several ways. It has reduced the carrying the huge amounts of money and the money is transferred from the person to person within seconds even if it is a bigger amount. This is the one example to show that the technology is a bliss.

    There are many advantages of online transactions like,

    •Making the work easier.

    •Avoid carrying great amounts with us.

    •Saving time by the easy online transactions.

    •Getting good rewards sometimes.

    •online transactions are the simpler ways while going to something important. And also can improve the business.


    > Don’t share the passwords in the online transactions.

    > Check the information once or twice before proceeding to the payment.

    > Have sufficient amount in the accounts.

    > Don’t share your passwords with your friends and cousins.

    > Be careful in kind of any online transactions.

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