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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Give the properties and uses of sulphuric acid.

  • Shivani

    June 10, 2021 at 10:28 am
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    Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is a strong acid with a hygroscopic, and oxidation properties. Sulfuric acid is a mineral acid with the chemical formula H2SO4.

    Sulfuric acid is also known as the Mattling acid or vitriol oil. It has a strong acidic nature, and are corrosive. At the same time, it acts as an oxidizing agent, and the dehydrator at a higher concentration. It is a syrup-like liquid with no odor or color. It is a water-soluble, and can generate heat when it is dissolved in the water. It is widely used in the fertilizer production. It is also used in chemical synthesis and in the purification of wastewater treatment processes.

    Anhydrous sulphuric acid, has a dielectric constant of about 100, and many of them are polar liquids. This is perhaps one of the most important heavy industry, chemicals, there will be a large-scale application of a broad spectrum of industries.

    Used in fertilizer production

    The steel and cast iron are used in the production

    It is used in the chemical industry

    Use of petroleum refining

    Used in the manufacture of phosphoric acid

    It is used as a cleaning agent in the industry, in order to remove the rust from the steel and iron

    It is used as a catalyst in order to convert it to a cyclohexanone oxime to caprolactam, used for nylon

    It is used in lead-acid batteries as an electrolyte

    He makes use of ammonium sulfate


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