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  • Ishita

    May 29, 2021 at 1:44 pm
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    Types of Noun:-

    There are 8 different kinds of noun. These different kinds of noon can help to identify the various types of nous. So the name of the types are-

    1) Proper Noun

    2) Common Noun

    3) Concrete Noun

    4) Abstract Noun

    5) Compound Noun

    6) Collective Noun

    7) Countable noun

    8) Un Countable noun

    1) Proper Noun:-Proper Noun is a kind of noun which use identify a name of particular person, place, things etc.

    Example:- Kolkata is a beautiful city.

    Mahatma Gandhi is a great freedom fighter.

    The bold words are proper noun.

    2) Common Noun:- Common noun is a kind of noun which are a common names giving to a object, place or person.

    We love to go the sea.

    The boys of our school play grat basketball.

    The bold words are common noun.

    3) Concrete Noun:- Concrete noun are the name of the things which we can physically touch and feel.

    Example:- I take bath with sope .

    He always busy in his laptop.

    The bold wards are concrete noun.

    4) Abstract Noun :- Abstract noun are the name of things which we can’t touch ,these are ideas, feeling, emotion.


    He always have great sense of humor.

    Always choose the path of truth.

    The bold one are abstract noun .

    5) Compound Noun:- Compound noun are the noun which are made of two words, each of the word are modified a particular noun or adjective.


    I love to swim in the swimming -pool.

    He wait for me at the shopping mall.

    The bold words are compound noun.

    6) Collective Noun:- Collective noun is a noun which identify the name of a group of individuals.


    We have the strongest cricketers.

    Sita always support her friends.

    The bold words are collective noun.

    7) Countable noun:- Countable noun is a kind of noun which identify name of things which we can count.


    There are lots of people in the party.

    I only have six hundred rupees.

    The bold words are countable noun.

    8) Un Countable noun:- Un Countable noun is a kind of noun which identify names of things which we can not count.


    I love to see the stars at night.

    She has pretty blond hair.

    The bold words are non countable noun.

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