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  • Ishita

    June 5, 2021 at 4:00 pm
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    Voice is the from of our speaking and vocabulary. Voice chang is a very important part of study, Mostly when you’re learning English grammar. It’s always be a important part of our learning. So let’s learn about it-

    Voice Change:-

    Voice is used to define the action of the sentence , so When we change the type, like active voice to passive voice and passive voice to active voice, it’s called voice change.Voice change have many rules, each of tense have different rules, so it’s become essay if we learn the rules, but for now let’s learn the types of voice.

    Types of voice:-

    There are two types of voice,

    1) Active voice

    2) Passive voice

    1) Active voice:- When the subject emphasis on the sentence is, and the subject do an action it’s called active voice. In a simple way When you directly say a sentence. The main rule of actives voice is-

    Subject + verb + Object.


    I play cricket in the playground.

    Riya and Gita are dancing Odishi on the stage.

    I eat rice daily.

    Mother always cook tasty meals for me .

    Rachel play guitar.

    Nightingale sings sweet song.

    She gave me a present.

    2) Passive voice:-

    When the object emphasis on the sentence or the object effected by the actions of the subject in the sentence, it’s called passive voice. In a simple way When you indirectly said a sentence. The main rule of passive voice is –

    Object +helping verb (Am/is/are/Have/had/was were) +Verb(past participle)+ By+ Subject


    Cricket is played in the playground by me.

    Odishi is danced on the stage by Riya and


    Rice is eaten daily by me.

    Tasty meals are always cooked by my mother.

    Guitar is played by Rachel.

    Sweet song is sung by Nightingale.

    Present was given to me by her.

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