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  • Ishita

    June 1, 2021 at 10:37 am
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    Punctuation is the most important part of a sentence. We cannot complete or explain our mode of sentence without punctuation. It is a symbol by which we can properly understand or can explain a mode of sentence. It is also used to divide sentence into words or clauses. It can also clarify the meaning of a sentence like it’s a question sentence or a statement. That’s mean we can not imagine a sentence without a punctuation in a sentence.


    Punctuation is different kinds of symbol like full stop (,), Comma(,), and bracket(), etc which is use to identify the mode of the sentence and divide the sentence into clause or words.


    The example of punctuation are full stop (.), comma(,), exclamation (!), question (?), Colon(;), Equalto (=) and many more, the most commonly used punctuation are comma(,) , full stop (.) and question mark (?)

    Full stop (.)

    I can sing.

    She likes to read.

    I love painting.

    Full stop is basically used to stop a sentence.

    Question mark (?)

    Did you want to go?

    Can you right a letter?

    Is she a painter.

    Question mark is basically use for question.


    Rita, nita and sima can go now.

    She can’t go as, she sick.

    You can take though, it is useless.

    Comma is basically use to divide or seperate a sentence, word and clause.

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