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  • Ishita

    September 10, 2021 at 2:51 pm
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    Verbs are a very essential part of English grammar. It is the most important part of the Parts of speech. We can’t learn English without verbs, so let’s learn about verbs.

    Verb:- Verb is that the foremost vital a neighborhood of speech that describes the work,action, state, or occurrence, and

    forming the foremost a neighborhood of the predicate of a sentence, it’s basically stating the work of the subject.


    Rima eats rice.

    ( in this sentence eat is a work which is done by the subject, so eat is a verb).

    Suzanne ran so fast .

    Rima is the sweetest singer.

    Beatrix is watching TV.

    She is washing the clothes.

    Types of Verb:-

    There are many different types of verbs,the most important types of verb is Helping verb or Auxiliary verb and Main verb, Let’s learn about it-

    Main verb:-

    Main verb is additionally called the lexical verb or the principal verb. It is the most important verb in the sentence ,it

    shows the action of the subject in the sentence.


    eat, sleep, run, walk, sing, etc.

    Joy eats rice.

    Everyone sleeps at night.

    Vincent ran fast.

    Joyita sings sweet songs.

    Helping Verb:-

    The work of helping verbs is to help the main verb in the. This type of verbs doesn’t have any meaning, it just helps the

    verb to describe the actions of the Sentence properly. Another name of this verb is Auxiliary verb.


    Is, are, am, have, had, can, could,would,should etc

    I am driving to the Lake.

    I had seen him before.

    Rima is a nurse in a hospital.

    She can run faster than me.

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