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  • Ishita

    June 30, 2021 at 2:12 pm
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    Verbs are the pillar of grammar. Their are basically two types of verb, main verb and helping verb,

    Main verb:-

    Main verb is also known as the lexical verb or the principal verb. It is the important verb in the sentence , it shows the action of the subject in the sentence.

    Example:- eat, sleep, run, walk, sing, etc.

    I eat rice.

    I sleep at night.

    I run fast.

    She sings sweet songs.

    Helping Verb:-

    Helping verb is the verb which helps the main verb in the, it doesn’t have any meaning, it just helps the verb to describe the actions of the Sentence properly. It is also known as Auxiliary verb.

    Example:- am, is, are, have, has, had, can, could,was, ware etc.

    I am driving to the Lake.

    I had seen him before.

    Rima is a nurse in a hospital.

    She can run faster than me.

    Difference of main verb and helping Verb:-

    1)Main verb is the important verb in the Sentence, helping verb is used to help the main verb.

    2) Main verb has a proper meaning, while the helping verb doesn’t have any meaning, it just uses before or after the main verb.

    3) Main verb can be used alone in a sentence, but the helping verb can not be used alone in the sentence without the main verb.

    4)Main verb has two different types: transitive and intransitive verbs, but helping verbs don’t have any types.

    5) Main verb shows the action or the state of the subject, but the helping verb just helps the main verb to describe the sentence accurately.

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