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  • Ishita

    June 28, 2021 at 1:31 pm
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    Article is most important part of our grammar learning. We cannot describe the noun without it. We is the valuable and important part of grammar. So let’s lean about it.

    Article definition:-

    Article is word which describe or modified the. It is basically placed before the noun to show whether it belong to specific things or not.

    When we think about article the first thing came to our minds is a, an, the. Basically are called article but article have types, by which we can clearly modify the noun. An basically placed before the vowel and A in front of other alphabet.

    Types of Article:-

    There are two types of article

    1) Definite Article

    2) Indefinite Article

    Definite Article:-

    Definite article is a article which is placed before a particular thing or person. It is called definite because of it. It means something which is clear, exact or obvious. Definite article indicate the noun which is specific, or when speaker talk about a particular thing.

    In English grammar “The” is the definite article which use to refer the particular noun.


    Can you give me the books on table?

    The movie is based on a real life incident.

    The sun is rises on the east.

    This is the way to market.

    Look at the picture.

    Indefinite Article:-

    Indefinite article is the exact opposite of definite article. It is article which unclear and unspecified. In indicated the noun which is not specific or particular.

    In English grammar “a” And “an” is the indefinite article which is use to refer not specific noun.” An “is placed before the vowel, which is a, e, i, o, u.


    I have a pen.

    She is eating an apple.

    I can sing a song.

    English is an easy language.

    Rima came with an umbrella in her hand.

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