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  • Aparajita

    May 13, 2021 at 7:45 am
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    Adjectives are basically words that describes a person, place or a thing. In other words, adjectives modify the nouns and pronouns. For example, without adjective one can never know if you had delicious meal or an awful meal.

    To be precise, adjectives helps getting information about certain things like its size, shape, color, material, etc. For example:

    · It’s an old project. (age)

    · The cloth is made of soft material. (material)

    · It is a around table. (shape)

    In most of the cases, adjectives also help find answer to basic details about an object, which arouse when we see an object for the first time like where?, when?, what?, which?, and how?. For example:

    · Where is the key? The key is in the small drawer.

    · When did you leave? I left early in the morning.

    · What is the material of this dress? This dress is made of soft nylon.

    · Which room is the master bedroom? Master bedroom is the one on the left.

    · How did you fall? I was cycling and unfortunately drove over a huge puddle.

    Using adjectives has certain rules to be followed. While using an objective in a sentence, following are some important factors that must be followed:

    · Proper usage of suffix

    Generally, adjectives can be used in their original forms itself. However, there are exceptions where in we need to add proper suffix to the end of the word we choose as adjective. For example-

    le/-ible: adorable, invisible, responsible, uncomfortable

    -al: educational, gradual, illegal, nocturnal, viral

    -an: American, Mexican, urban

    -ar: cellular, popular, spectacular, vulgar

    -ent: intelligent, potent, silent, violent

    -ful: harmful, powerful, tasteful, thoughtful

    …And many more.

    · Proper placement of an adjective

    It is important to use the adjective in the right place. Placing the adjective in the wrong place can result in making the sentence meaningless. For example-

    It is a pretty day. (wrong)

    It is a wonderful day. (correct)

    Moreover, it also important to learn about words that help you describe a particular object better. Like-

    Size: tiny, small, little, etc.

    Material: soft, silky, rough, etc.

    Color: red, blue, green, etc.

    I hope this answer helps!😊

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