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  • Aparajita

    June 1, 2021 at 10:52 pm
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    Oiling hair has its own perks and benefits. Oiling hair regularly helps in many ways, like:

    1. Promotes hair growth

    2. Helps avoiding split-ends

    3. Makes hair thick

    4. Brings shine to hair

    5. Makes hair strands healthier

    6. Helps avoiding dandruff flakes

    7. Makes hair naturally silky

    However, just oiling is not enough. In fact, oiling in right way is very important. Excessive oil can choke the hair pores and can make hair greasy. Heating oil a little (until it warm) is advisable but steaming hot oil can burn pores and can burn scalp too.

    If one suffers from excessive dandruff conditions, normal hair oil is not recommended as dandruffs sucks up all the oil, laving none for nourishment.

    Using of sulfate-free shampoos is highly advisable. It helps oil work and show results better.

    Everyone has different scalp, hair requirements. Never follow trends in such case.

    I hope this answer helps!😊

  • Mahima

    June 30, 2021 at 6:20 pm
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    Keeps the scalp moist.

    Our hair and scalp frequently lose moisture as a result of continual external exposure, which can result in problems such as dry hair and, in some circumstances, excessive hair fall. You may simply avoid this by oiling your hair regularly.

    Increases hair growth

    You may also use a massage technique while applying hair oil, which has been shown to increase blood circulation in the scalp. Regular hair oiling using the massage approach provides adequate nourishment for your hair as well as an optimal delivery of nutrients to the scalp. These advantages of using hair oil eventually lead to increased hair growth.

    Makes your hair strong

    Hair oiling, in addition to moisturizing your scalp and encouraging hair development, strengthens your hair. It offers essential minerals and nutrients to the scalp. This may help to protect the hair from external harm while also strengthening it. As a result, having strong and healthy hair is one of the benefits of oiling hair.

    Helps in preventing hair fall

    Regular hair oiling is one of the simplest strategies to get rid of dandruff. That’s correct. Dandruff and hair breakage are common symptoms of a dry scalp. This is readily avoided by oiling one’s hair.

    Helps in making hair shiny

    One of the primary advantages of using hair oil is that it provides deep nourishment to your scalp. This strengthens your hair roots and gives your hair a long-lasting gloss and brightness.

    Helps in preventing hair fall

    The primary reasons for hair loss include dry scalp, lack of moisture, and protein deficit. As previously said, frequent hair oiling can help to alleviate these typical issues. This is one of the primary advantages of using hair oil.

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