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Activity Discussion General Discussion Hard work vs. Smart work

  • Ishita

    September 18, 2021 at 1:43 pm
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    Hard work Vs Smart work

    From our childhood, everyone told us to do hard work to be successful in life. But it is quite difficult to choose between hard work and smart work. Both of these are valuable for a particular time. Hard work means putting hours of effort into doing certain work, and smart work is doing one of the multiple tasks efficiently with managing time and quality. Hard work is focused on quantity rather than quality and smart work is focused on both quality and quantity. Sometimes hard work can become a waste of time, but Smart work saves time and values the effort which is made. If we do hard work then sometimes, it is only focused on completing the task without finding any flexible ways to solve it, but in smart work, we can explore various ways to accomplish any task. The process of diligence is extremely simple. It is a direct approach to complete a certain amount of work in a certain time. But smart work follows many different steps to complete work perfectly like, planning and scheduling the task, work in a team. The schedule and group work can help us to accomplish our objective most easily. When you try to achieve something, smart work is more valuable than hard work. Hard work is not very effective while managing time. So it might not be the perfect way to achieve the goal. Because time management is very important for achieving goals. On the other hand, smart work can manage time properly. So it can be effective to achieve the goals of our lives. In conclusion, hard work can lead us to success if it is done smartly. So smarty uses your all efforts to achieve success in life. It is proven that smart work is more effective than hard work.

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