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Activity Discussion History History

  • Ishita

    August 2, 2021 at 5:30 pm
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    Nalanda university is one among the foremost ancient and prominent universities of India. it had been founded during the Gupta dynasty. it’s one among the magnificent universities in India. it’s located in Bihar. it had been the foremost famous academic and scientific university of its time. Now this is often the world’s second heritage site. it had been Buddhist university. There the scholars study within the Pali language. The university is that the source of enlightenment between 3rd century BC to 13th century BC. Nalanda had a pedagogics of Buddhist religion. Scholars from Tibet, China, Korea, Australia and every one over the planet took education from there. This university lasted almost 800 years. This university was believed to possess 10,000 students and a couple of ,000 teachers. Emperor Ashoka established a vihar in Nalanda university and emperor Harshvardhan donated 26 mts. high copper image of Lord Buddha. Many teachers of this from Japan, China, Tibet, Korea, Bhutan. this is often a big place to go to in India especially for the Buddhist. From the debris of the place many manuscripts , sculptures and lots of fossils are recovered by which the anthropologist can state numerous details about this university. the foremost significant thing is that this university isn’t destroyed by any Muslim, it had been destroyed by a hindu. Nalanda university is one among the foremost glorious place to go to in India.

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