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Activity Discussion History History

  • Shivani

    June 1, 2021 at 8:58 am
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    The group that set out from Plymouth, in southwestern England, in September 1620 included 35 members of the English Separatist Church, a radical Puritan party. Following their illegal break from the Church of England in 1607, the Separatists moved to the Netherlands, first to Amsterdam and then to Leiden, where they stayed for the following decade under the relatively liberal Dutch rules. They began to make arrangements to live in the New World because to economic troubles and anxieties of losing their English language and history.

    They planned to travel to an area near the Hudson River, which was regarded to be part of Virginia’s previously established colony at the time. The would-be settlers organised a London stock company in 1620 to fund their voyage aboard the Mayflower, a three-masted commercial ship. The Mayflower was initially escorted by a smaller vessel, the Speedwell, which transported some of the passengers, but it proved unseaworthy and was forced to return to port by September.

    Myles Standish, a professional soldier who would become the new colony’s military leader, and William Bradford, a leader of the Separatist congregation and author of “Of Plymouth Plantation,” his account of the Mayflower voyage and the founding of Plymouth Colony, were among the notable passengers on the Mayflower.

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