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  • Ishita

    June 11, 2021 at 12:54 pm
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    India is a democratic country, as a Indian I am familiar with the word democracy from my

    childhood. Democracy is the finest form of a government. There are many reasons why

    democracy is a good system. Democracy gives us the right to choose government, it gives

    us freedom and power to choose our leader. We enjoy our rights which are very essential for

    a happy life. Democracy stands as the savior of a non corrupt government, when a

    government fails to give the all needed things to the people of a country, then democracy

    stands strong.It makes them live in peace and amicably with one another. People of

    democracy are not discriminating against each other and accepting each other’s differences.

    For any country this is very important to be happy and prosper. Among all the countries of

    the world , India stands as the most powerful democratic country. After the end of British Raj

    Indian government formed as a democratic government. In India the citizens are allowed to

    vote from the age of 18. Democracy is all about a person; it doesn’t discriminate against on the basis of caste, class,

    gender or race. The five principles of democracy are

    sovereign, republic, socialist, democratic and secular. Political parties contest in elections

    with the following principles and whoever gets the majority of the vote becomes the winner.

    There are many steps taken to encourage people to vote. But there are so many difficulties

    in India reading democracy. Sometimes it failed to conduct election efficiently. Many dishonest people tried to interfere

    with people’s democratic rights. All these differences need

    to be resolved for a better democratic India. Moreover the Indian democracy is better than

    other countries but still there are lots of improvements that need to be done.

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