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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Home Decor

  • Piyali

    June 24, 2023 at 9:47 pm
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    Making our home space colourful and aesthetic that too by re-cycling and re-using old stuff is actually eco-friendly and cheap. In that case we can consider re-suing old trunks and plastic bottles for the same.

    For old trunks-

    1.Consider renovating it (by colouring and designing it according to your choice) and using it as your tea table in your living room in front of your sofa or chairs.

    2.You can also place it against your bedside wall to place a lamp on it.

    3.It can also be used as a place to arrange your books on (as an aesthetic corner in your library) beside your bookshelf.

    4.It can also be incorporated into a dressing table setup in your bedroom.

    For plastic bottles-

    1.Consider colouring and giving it a proper shape at first (by cutting).

    2.You can use it for pretty flower vases. You can even use it as a pot for your indoor plants.

    3.You can even make pretty and colourful wall hangings and showpieces with the plastic bottles.

    4.Apart from that, you can also make quirky pen/pencil stands by cutting the lower end of the bottle and colouring it properly.

    5.You can even prepare artificial flower decors with it as shown in the video ( ).

    6.Another good way to use plastic bottles can be by making small piggie banks to store coins in it. This way you can keep it inside a cute container, as well as place it in your bedroom on the side table as a showpiece.

    #After you have used all the bottles for preparing some DIY home décor stuff, you’re maybe left with the bottle caps but you don’t want to discard them. No worries, you can make beautiful stuff with that too. Refer to the video for the suggestion ( ).

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