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Activity Discussion Environment How can we save water


  • Aashutosh

    May 8, 2021 at 10:52 am
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    Water is one of the most essential for the survival of the living beings. Not humans but animals need it too.

    About 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water and out of which only 0.3 percent of fresh water is available for drinking.

    Therefore it is necessary to save water not only on a individual basis but on a universal level.

    Water is depleting way to fast and to conserve water many plans of government is in effect. But the rising pollution and population is affecting the water bodies greatly.

    If we do not conserve water now, it will result in shortages in the near future. Water conservation can go a long way to help reduce these forthcoming shortage.

    So here is the some method that might help you to save water.

    1. Close your tap while brushing your teeth.

    2. Use bucket instead of shower while bathing.

    3. Use washing machine fully loaded, not half-loaded.

    4. Water the plants with watering can.

    5. Use the method like Rainwater Harvesting.

    6. Take short baths.

    7. Double check faucets and pipes for leaks.

    8. Don’t leave the water running while you wash the dishes.

    9. Wash your car with bucket and soap not with running hose.

    10. Don’t waste too much water in summer while playing.

    11. Avoid over watering your lawn.

    12. Avoid flushing your toilets too many times.

    13. Use water friendly equipment.

    14. Do not water dry lands.

    15. Use less water while doing laundry or do less laundry.

    16. Install a water meter.

    17. Avoid running sprinklers when it’s raining, windy or in the middle of the day as the water will evaporate.

    18. Use water conservation techniques like Dry Farming, rotational Grazing etc.

    19. Increase the awareness of water conservation in your locality.

    20. Educate children about the importance of water and its conservation.

    Everyone should follow these steps to conserve water for the future generation.

  • Rupali

    May 7, 2021 at 6:57 am
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    We all know that water is very important for us. Every living being needs water to stay alive. Water is one of the essential requirement for survival of the earth surface. Every life form needs water for growth, living & functioning.

    The World population keeps increasing, the demand of water increases whole the supply remains stagnant. To avoid a shortage of water, everyone should try to save water It is thus crucial for us to save & conserve water.

    There is a many ways to conserve water.

    1] Prefer to use the shower, not always a bath.

    2] Rainwater harvesting involves collection and conservation of the rainwater.

    3] when drinking water, try to use our drinking fountain.

    4] when you drink water from a glass only take as much as you need.

    5] when washing your hands turn the water off while you lather.

    6] Look into water recycling option at home & school.

    7] Close the tap while washing your hands.

    8] Do not forget to close the tap while you go to sleep.

    With the help of this habit we can save water. Everyone should inculcated these habits in themselves so that our water is save as much as possible.

  • Sakshi

    May 8, 2021 at 9:59 am
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    It is need of an hour to save water. Water is an essential component of survival.. With rising levels of pollution, water resources are depleting rapidly.

    The entire Earth consists of 71% of water, out of which only a small percentage is drinkable freshwater.

    It is therefore very essential to save water to save lives.

    Water saving is an universal responsibility of every person who lives on this earth. In order to save water, we have to adapt various means that can help in maintaining the level of fresh water on earth. As the accessibility of freshwater is depleting water conservation and saving initiatives are increasing to save water for future generations.

    The reason for freshwater shortage can be too much wastage of freshwater and careless use of water on daily uses. Second can be the pollution from industries that adds untreated water to the rivers and lakes on a daily basis. The third reason can be pesticides and chemical fertilizers are also polluting the freshwater. Apart from this, sewage waste is also dumped into rivers that pollute water.

    There are many ways in which we can save water and minimize their pollution. Besides, these methods include proper treatment of industrial water before dumping them into rivers. Also, using only the required amount of water and avoiding wastage. Apart from that, we can make people aware about water problems by means of social campaigns and other ways.

    Water covers 70% of the earth surface but freshwater for drinking and other uses are about only 2.5%. Also, this makes water one of the scarce resources that the entire human race consumes. Apart from that, it we reduce the amount of water we daily use for various activities like bathing, laundry, watering plants, etc. Then we can really be able to save water for our future generations.

    Below are various tips to save water.

    *We must make our personal responsibility to save water daily.

    *We can install canals on our rooftops so that rainwater can be reused for household purposes or can recharge groundwater.

    *Use the full capacity of our washing machine while washing clothes.

    *Water the plants in the evening to minimize the evaporation.

    *Instead of shower use buckets because it saves a lot of water.

    *Don’t let the tap running while washing face or hands or while brushing.

    *Increase awareness about save water initiative in locality, school and neighborhood.

    *Educate children about water saving from an early age so they can understand it’s value.

    After all, we have done till now to save water is not enough. Also, it is the most vital resource that we have received from Mother Nature. Apart from that, it is also very important for other forms of life on earth like plants, animals and birds. The quantity of fresh water is only limited to ground water, rivers and lakes. Hence, it becomes our duty to safeguard what remains of this precious resource for our future.

    Also, we require action plans to keep a check on the water pollution that is making it unfit for use. Everyone should take step to save water to save lives.

  • Kumari

    May 8, 2021 at 7:43 pm
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    As water is one of the most important resource for our survival it is very important for us to save water. There are various ways by which water can by saved.
    Some of the ways are-
    1. We should take just that amount of water that we can drink and not waste it.
    2. If some water is left in the glass we should reuse it by watering the plants
    3. While brushing,taking bath aur cleaning the utensils we should switch off the tap.
    4. We should take care all the taps,showers ,pipes and toilets of our house are not leaking and if they are try to mend it as soon as possible.
    5. Rain water harvesting is a process where rain water is stored on the terrace so that the water can be reused.
    6. Planting the plants that need less amount of water for there growth.
    7. Don’t let the tap be open while watering the plant through pipes.
    8. Use a washing machine when there is full load of clothes.
    9. While cooking cover the utensils with lid to reduce the wastage of water while heating.
    10. Taking shower instead of bathing can also help in saving water.
    11. Water the plants in the evening so that evaporation is minimized.
    12. Tell people around you the value of water and ways in which it can be saved.
    13. Collect water in the sink and then cleaning fruits and vegetables.
    14. Don’t dirty utensils more than you needs as washing them will require more water then needed.
    15. While taking a hot shower don’t waste the cold water that comes prior to hot water,reuse it for different things.
    16. If you have a pet, give them bath in the lawn so that the water gets used by the plants and grasses.
    Water is a very important component and as i responsible citizen it is our duty to save them so that the next generation also gets to enjoy the resources of our planet earth.

  • Jagriti

    May 8, 2021 at 10:41 am
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    Water is that single most vital resource on the earth that we tend to live on, which is why it’s essential that we conserve it. Water is the basic necessity for all living beings, and it is unbelievably important to conserve it. it’s not solely important for living and respiratory things, however additionally for several inanimate objects that humans create. For example, to make a house, we want concrete, and to create concrete, we need to combine cement powder with water. Water constitutes over seventy p.c of the Earth’s surface, and however we don’t have enough water for our needs. it’s essential to conserve and save water for ourselves and also the entire planet Earth. Water, water everywhere, however not a drop to drink.” you need to have detected this phrase again and again in your life. It implies that though there’s water all around us, in Earth’s oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, etc., most of it’s not drinkable water! The oceans conceal over seventy percent of all of the Earth’s surface, that is why it is terribly simple to boost the question – then why will we say that there is a shortage of water? it’s as a result of the water within the oceans is thus salty that it is not safe to drink it.Thus, we tend to should depend on the opposite sources of water that the world provides us, from the rivers that return from glaciers. However, we must additionally keep in mind that this water is limited, and can exhaust a number of decades down the line. Therefore, it’s important to use this water responsibly and do everything we are able to to avoid wasting it. whereas there’s heaps of water now, if we stick with it victimization water for excess things or wasting it, there won’t be a lot of left round the world.

    What if the water within the world finishes? Aquatic life comparable to fish, coral reefs, seahorses, and so forth won’t be able to survive, as a result of they’re going to lose their habitats. we tend to humans will not survive because our bodies are created from 70% water, and while not it, we cannot sustain ourselves. All the plants and animals around US will become extinct too. The Earth, that could be a planet characterised by its ability to deal with life, will not be what it’s now.

    There are many ways in which to save lots of water, and that they are terribly simple to infuse in our daily lives. we tend to should not leave the faucet water running after we are golf stroke soap whereas laundry our hands. {we can|we will|we are able to} use buckets to require a shower instead of use the shower, no flushing of the rest room unnecessarily, invariably finishing the water in our glasses rather than throwing it away, and {so forth|and so on|etcetera} There are more ways to save lots of water, too, however these are just a few of them for us to know the insufficient things that may be done.

    It could be a common language that there’s power in numbers, which suggests that if all folks get along and do our small elements in saving water, we will sure be able to do so collectively. whereas individual acts of saving water can do little, if all folks waste less water, or a lot of judiciously consume water, it’ll all add up to a bigger effort.

    Thus, water’s importance is valuable in our lives and therefore the lives of all the species that exist on Earth. it’s our responsibility to require care of our planet, and saving water in any manner that we are able to is one among the most effective ways to try to to that. we tend to should always keep in mind that the world is our home, and that we must always lookout of our home and keep it clean and peaceful to measure in.

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