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Activity Discussion General Discussion How did the months get their names?


  • Aparajita

    May 22, 2021 at 11:43 pm
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    Different months are named on the basis of different language intellects and beliefs. Here is listed reasons behind naming different months differently:

    1. January- in honor of Roman god Janus.

    2. February- in honor of Roman festival of purification.

    3. March- in honor of Roman god Mars.

    4. April- it is considered as time when earth produces new fruits.

    5. May- in honor of Greek goddess Maia.

    6. June- in honor of Roman goddess Juno.

    7. July- in honor Roman emperor Julius Caesar.

    8. August- in honor of Roman emperor Augustus Caesar.

    Remaining months are named on the basis of latin words.

    I hope this answer helps!😊

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