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Activity Discussion General Discussion How do plants get their nitrogen from the air?


  • Ishita

    October 5, 2021 at 5:52 pm
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    Nitrogen is a colourless gas, smells less, and is an element. The character of nitrogen is N and the atomic number of it is 7. Nitrogen is the extensively abundant gas on the ground of the earth. Approximately 78% of nitrogen is in the atmosphere of the earth. This gas is in the soil, in the drinking water, and in the air, we breathe every day. It is a very crucial entity for every living thing on the earth. Especially for the plants, it is important. And we know that any living can not survive without plants, so let’s learn about the importance of nitrogen has

    Plants need Nitrogen for food and survival:-

    Plants are a greatly significant resource for the survival of every living being on the planet. And plants can’t live without food. Plants need chlorophyll, water, sunlight and co2, and Nitrogen makes up a large part of the chlorophyll. Plants absorb it through the air and the roots absorbing it from soil and water. Chlorophyll is the green part of leaves. We know that only green leaves can prepare food for plants. The Leaves of the plants are very important for their survival. Without nitrogen, it will turn yellow. If the leaves of the plants have fallen then it’s impossible to survive. Nitrogen also makes DNA that plants need for healthy growth. And growth is also very important for plants. Plants get from the atmosphere. If plants don’t get proper nitrogen then they will turn yellow and eventually die.

    So it is proved that any living creature on the earth can not survive without nitrogen. Because we all breathe the oxygen which plants provide us and plants can not be alive without nitrogen.

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