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Activity Discussion General Discussion How do we focus on one Target at a time?

  • How do we focus on one Target at a time?

    Posted by Ollyampika on May 10, 2024 at 4:13 pm

    Focusing on one goal is a little bit difficult in today’s distraction world but still, it is possible by mental discipline and strategic planning. One has to adjust to the changing environment and have to build some good habits to focus on the task.

    Some of the strategies that can be helpful :

    1) Prioritize your task: Every day is unique for each one of us , we have multiple tasks in a day but to be focused we have to prioritize the tasks that we have to complete.

    2)Break into small chunks: Each one of us has big dreams in our life, but if we break the complete task into small tasks then it will be easy to achieve and every day we can walk towards our target in baby steps.

    3)Reward Yourself: After completing the small task that you set every day, don’t forget to reward yourself with small goodies. No matter even if it is a small cupcake. This will make you feel special and motivate you to complete the upcoming target.

    4)Practice Mindfulness: One of the mindfulness techniques is meditation, a breathing exercise that will help your mind to be fresh, and calm and increase your concentration power. Make this practice your daily habit and train your mind to stay present and focused.

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