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Activity Discussion Science & Technology How does it rain?

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    May 13, 2021 at 7:37 pm
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    To understand the formation we must first understand what are clouds. They are basically a collection of water vapor or water droplets in the air.

    Water vapor is present all over the air. This water vapor is collected in the air whenever there is evaporation by the sun from the water bodies. At the point of evaporation, they remain at the same temperature as that of the lake/water body. But when it started rising up, it becomes cooler and cooler. After rising through certain degrees of altitude the water vapor condenses itself into droplets. These droplets generally appear collectively and look like white lumpy, mesh pieces or clouds.

    How does it rain?

    Rain is a form of precipitation as we all know it to be.

    In the atmosphere when the clouds formed reach high enough to the frosting point, the clouds stop moving any further. Now as it stops rising, it is further joined by other dew drops present in the air. This makes the cloud heavier and bulkier. Soon, many more such droplets and moisture particles join the lot as well. As a whole, the cloud becomes denser too.

    But when these clouds collide or become too denser/saturated they started shredding down in the form of precipitation.

    When precipitation occurs as falling of tiny water droplets we call it rain.

    What is the importance of rain?

    Few benefits of raining is listed below:

    -The amount of water that is lost, wasted, and used is covered up when it rains.

    -The groundwater and freshwater level is balanced and restored through this.

    -Plants make their food with the help of water. Hence showering rain is essential for plant life.

    -Provides humidity.

    -It is much better to use stored water in agriculture. Thus, it helps the farmers to grow the crops.

    -Restores the oxygen level other elements too.

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