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Activity Discussion General Discussion How has online shopping services helped during the pandemic?

  • Shweta

    June 9, 2021 at 4:38 pm
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    Online shopping has not been only the helping part in the pandemic situation, but it also has helped and helping as well till now by many ways. But if we talk about the helping hands during pandemic, then yes, online shopping has helped a lot in this situation. The situation where everything is closed due to lockdown. There are many necessities and essentials which are needed by people and online shopping has helped it a lot.

    Requirement of medicines

    Though the medical shops were open, but many medicines were not in a stock due to lockdown. The online shopping for medicines has helped a lot to those people who takes medicine on a regular basis, they just need to install an application and they get the medicines on time.

    Requirement of groceries and household items

    The eating food items and the raw spices which is important to cook the food, is also necessary. People preferred online shopping for that as well and they order their things which is delivered to their homes in a discounted price.

    The online shopping contains all that things which even the market does not contain and it has helped a lot during the pandemic situation, without which we would have no other option. People are acquainted with online shopping and it is fully safe because it contains return policy as well which is a very good thing. So we can use online shopping so that we need not to neglect any thing by the condition that market is not open.

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