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Activity Discussion General Discussion How is social media growing these days?

  • Tejasri

    June 18, 2021 at 3:28 pm
    Not Helpful

    Social media is helping the people to the greatest. Let us now take the online marketing through social media as an example.

    It is a great idea. The online marketing is also helpful in the situation like the pandemic times. It is very difficult to go out and to get the things for the needs and fulfill the necessity. It is very difficult to travel outside and get all the things done within the time. The online marketing helps the individual to acquire all the things which are needed in a particular period of time. For instance, the Covid patients cannot go outside and get all the things which deals with the basic needs. So, the online marketing helps the individual to get all the things done by being at the home and in a very simple way.



    The marketing through online helps the individual for being comfortable and fulfilled all the needs within the time without any delay. By being at the home comfort the individual can get all the things which are needed and can also help others who are in need.


    There are good number of discounts provided in the platforms of marketing basing on the seasons. If an individual can catch the discounts, he or she will be benefited with some amount of money. This is a smart way to save the money and can have a good lifestyle.

    •Big deals:-

    Whenever an individual goes for the big deals like buying the refrigerators, AC’s, washing machines etc., to individual can get good amount of offers and also the best quality is provided. Carrying things like refrigerators and washing machines from the market to the home is a very difficult thing. But, through online marketing the things are brought very easily to the home without any damage. If any damage occurs, there’s also a chance to return it and get a good one.

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