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Activity Discussion Science & Technology How many types of teeth are there?

  • Manpreet

    May 26, 2021 at 2:31 pm
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    Humans have four types of teeth –

    1. Incisors

    2. Canines

    3. Pre molars

    4. Molars

    Incisors –

    These are the pointed teeth present in the front. The teeth generally visible when we smile.

    These are used in cutting and biting food.

    It is pointed and chisel shaped.

    Canines –

    These are more pointed than the incisors

    They are also used in cutting and tearing of food

    In non – vegetarians these are highly pointed as they are required to cut and tear the flesh

    pre molars –

    the are used for crushing the food, that is, for chewing purposes

    these contain 2 cusps and are smaller than molars

    these are absent in children

    molars –

    these mark the ends of the jaws

    these contain 4 – 5 cusps

    these are required for chewing and crushing of food

    numbers –

    an adult human being has the following number of teeth

    · 8 incisors

    · 4 canines

    · 8 pre molars

    · 12 molars

    Thus this was the classification of teeth in human beings. I hope this helps.

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