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Activity Discussion Essay How should be a newspaper article written?

  • Ishita

    September 10, 2021 at 3:33 pm
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    How a newspaper article should be written:-

    We need newspapers on a daily basis. It has become a most essential and valuable part of our lives. There are tons of articles we found on every page of the newspaper. When you read any article you should notice that it has a different pattern. There are some rules of how a newspaper article should be written. There are some rules written below-

    Interesting Heading:-

    Heading is the most important part of the newspaper article. If the heading isn’t good enough then no reader will waste time reading the entire article. You write about the gist of the article on the heading. A heading must not me more than 5-10 words. You should always write an interesting heading to catch the attention of the readers.

    Don’t write unnecessary things:-

    You should write an article only including the needed information. If you add unnecessary information to the article it would annoy the reader. It would give a very bad impression of you to your readers.

    Use simple words:-

    You have to keep in mind that there is not any specific age of the readers. You should always write an article for every reader, so keep the words as simple as anyone can understand.

    Use correct grammar:-

    Always try to use accurate grammar in the article. If you don’t use correct grammar your article will be completely ruined. Incorrect grammar makes the whole article incorrect. So the main pedestal of any writing is to write with accurate grammar.

    Don’t write any opinion:-

    When you are writing any newspaper article try to avoid writing your own opinion. Just focus on the information which you have collected. It will make your article very refreshing and interesting to readers.

    Maintain accuracy:-

    Maintenance of accuracy is the most important thing when writing any newspaper article. The information that you provide on the article needs to be 100% correct. So before writing any article research about the topic and collect the accurate information. A one whole piece of information will ruin your entire article.

    Add conclusion:-

    A conclusion is one of the most important parts of any newspaper article. So don’t forget to add the conclusion, without a conclusion any article will be incomplete

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