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Activity Discussion General Discussion How to maintain eye sight?

  • Anushree

    June 30, 2021 at 8:40 pm
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    Our eyes are the greatest gift which the almighty has provided us with, it helps us to see the entire world and its beauty and glory, without the pair of eyes this entire beautiful world is just a black wall for us. Eyes are very sensitive sense organs and need to be taken proper care of:

    1. In this pandemic everything is in the virtual platform and we are spending hours in front of mobiles and laptops and computers, this has become a necessity so we must take care of the fact that we must use these from a limited distance and set the brightness accordingly.

    2. We should splash our eyes regularly with water this soothes our eyes and gets rid of dust particles.

    3. We should take care of our diet and must ensure to take green vegetables specially broccoli, also carrot is a vegetable which is very much recommended for eyes.

    4. We should always use a sunglass whenever we are out to protect our eyes from the exposure to the scorching sunlight.

    5. Whenever facing any problem regarding eyesight make sure to consult an eye specialist, if you already have glasses use them regularly and do not neglect them.

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