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Activity Discussion General Discussion How to study for long hours?

  • Manpreet

    June 9, 2021 at 8:19 pm
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    These days most of the students are losing their concemtration power. The world is attacked by the pandemic and most of the countries are continuing their educations online. These online classes are both a boon and a bane to us. Students no longer sit for hours in a classroom and thus lack of concentration and sitting for hours to study is now becoming a major problem.

    Here are some points to overcome this problem –

    1. Healthy environment –

    The study area should be somewhere in the home with plenty of light and air. Lack of air or oxygen makes one dizzy and feel sleepy. Thus, an area with a window and plenty of air will be useful. A good light is so very important, both for ones concentration and for their eye sight. Studying in dim light will start causing you pain in the eyes which will eventually lead you to abandon your task.

    2. Seating posture – it is usually seen that these days people do not understand the importance of a good seating posture. Studying on bed or sofa or lying down as per ones comfort shoulb be avoided completed. This is no way to study. One should be seating on a perfect study table with an erect back bone posture to continue studying for hours. An incorrect posture will start causing body aches after a while and thus sitting for hours to study becomes an ordeal. Thus, a good posture helps too.

    3. Away from apps – as we all know, a laptop or a smart phone is quite a necessary thing for studying these days. Everything’s online and thus we cannot simply keep these tech-stuffs away from our reach. However, we can certain applications to avoid switching from the studying stuff to social media apps. There are numerous types of applications for parental control, focus mode apps, concentration apps that switches off the background data of undesired apps. Take advantage of such technologies to avoid losing your concentration to social media apps.

    4. Healthy food – before sitting for studies, take some healthy snack, that should be both light and healthy. That could help you feel filled and will provide lots of energy to your brain. Avoid eating heavy snacks before studying as it won’t do any good but make you feel sleepy.

    5. Breaks – take short breaks in between. After studying for an hour or two take a break of 10 – 15 mins, and after studying for 4 – 6 hours take a break for about 30mins. During these breaks, avoid using any social media apps or other technologies, instead wash your face and take a walk or a little nap. Preserve your energy for studying.

    6. Rewards – reward yourself after completing a designated work. May be a chocolate or an extra hour for your fav game or anything you love would help.

    Follow these and you will eventually notice you are able to study for long hours. No cheatings, Be true to yourself. That’s it!!

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