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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary How to use Conjunction and Interjection in a sentence.


    June 9, 2021 at 7:03 pm
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    In a sentence, conjunction is known as a part of speech that has only function i.e. to connect words. These words may be simple words or they might be phrases, clauses, or whole individual sentences. As it is known, conjunctions are supposed to be a part of regular grammar knowledge.

    Types of Conjunctions

    Several different types of conjunctions do various functions within different types of sentence structures.

    1. Subordinating Conjunctions: They are responsible to join dependent clauses with independent clauses.

    2. Coordinating Conjunctions – They are responsible to join two or more sentences, principal clauses, normal words, or any other parts of speech that are of the same syntactic importance.

    3. Correlative Conjunctions – They are responsible to join phrases and words that hold a certain equal value in a sentence. They work in pairs always.

    4. Conjunctive adverbs –They are responsible to join two clauses. They act as an adverb and also display order, contrast, cause and effect etc.

    Examples of Conjunctions:

    The conjunctions are highlighted below in some examples:

    1. I tried to kick the ball but kicked the goalpost instead.

    2. I have fifteen dogs and three cats.

    3. You are allowed to have Indian cuisine or Mexican cuisine.

    4. Neither the blue bag nor the leather one was available at the store

    5. All my family members worked hard so that we could live the life we wanted for so long.


    In a sentence, interjections are the type of words that are used to reveal strong emotions that appear fickle if described with basic words. They are used in sentences to show feelings like surprise, disgust, joy, excitement, or enthusiasm.

    Examples of Interjections

    The interjections are highlighted below in some examples:

    1. Hey! Take the food and leave the table.

    2. Oh, I thought you would accompany us to dinner.

    3. Brilliant! Now I can die in peace.

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