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Activity Discussion Science & Technology How trees can be classified?

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  • Edutuber

    June 2, 2021 at 8:41 pm
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    Trees are essential for the survival of all organisms. Trees are known as the alveoli of earth and Amazon

    rainforest is considered as the lungs of the world. Last year, the forestfire which ignited at the amazon

    forest in the Brazil has provoked every natural activicts of the world. Countries from all around the

    world was concerned at this fire.If anything happens to the amazon rainforest range it would affect the

    equilibrium of the whole world. That is why amazon is protected with so much concern. Trees are

    classified into different types according to different criterias. These classifications include classification

    as softwoods and hardwoods, shrubs and trees etc. A popular method of classifying trees is according to

    some physiological criteria are Evergreen and Decidious. Now a question arises in every readers mind.

    What Is Evergreen and What is decidious?

    Some particular trees would retain its foliage (greenry) throughout the year without any concern of the

    weather. These trees are known as evergreen trees.While some species which are in the region is of

    varying climate would experience weathering and would shed the leaves once or twice a year inorder to

    Cope with the temperature change. These trees are known as the decidious trees. Those trees which are

    present on the regions with low temperature or snowfall have the shape of a cone. Trees in some part of

    Russia is an example for this. These trees have the shape of a cone, this special shape is used to protect

    the tree from snowfall and temperature drop. The shapes of such trees gives a thorny view to aircrafts

    above them. These trees are altered into these forms for the purpose of survival. In Northern America

    and regions near that, they use the term evergreen as a synonym for conifer.

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