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Activity Discussion General Discussion Importance of mass communication?

  • Kumari

    May 23, 2021 at 12:33 am
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    Mass communication is a branch that deals with circulating a message in a large group of people at a certain point of time through different mediums such as print, broadcast, new age media ie internet etc. Selection of medium for circulating of message depends upon the target audience, the people who are receiver of the message which are being circulated. Life for example a message like the advertisement of cow food has to be circulated whose target audience aur the consumers are the farmers, so the advertisement should be made in such a way that it reaches the farmer. The criteria for seeking farmer’s attention is through a medium which is accessible to them. Like the one which can be afforded at lower cost , audio based and something which does now require reading. So according to the criteria th best option will be the radio.
    Another example can be of a luxurious car. These cars can only be afforded by businessmen aur top class people so these advertisements are given in high end magazines like metro and coffee table books. The target audience are segmented on several criterias such as the age, socio economy, gender, society, physical appearance, mental state etc.
    There is a certain ways the advertisements are represented and aired in such a way that it reaches at the right time to the right people through right medium at lowest cost possible. In the political rallies and advertisement numerous mediums are used in order to grab audience’s attention like advertising on the broadcast media such as television, radio print media such as newspapers , outdoor medias such as pamphlets hoardings etc. Mass communication has became a very huge platform for people to share their views on a certain topic and even to advertise their products ,services and government schemes.

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