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Activity Discussion General Discussion Importance of Vacuum Cleaner in one’s house.

  • Edutuber

    June 6, 2021 at 8:20 pm
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    There are several machines that are built to ease out the effort for doing tasks. Vacuumdeaneris

    one of those machines. The necessity to keep the inside of a house dirt free is an important step toward

    a healthy home. For this, we have to make ourhomes dirt free. But using traditional methods like

    brooms may not satisfy the need. lt is in this context that vacuum cleaners come into action. Vacuum

    deaners suck in thedirt from surafces into a dirt collection sack which is pre built inside the vacuum

    cleaner. After the cleaning process, the user can remove the sack or collector and take the dirt collected

    inside to some place for properdisposa, The major pros that givevacuumcleaners a hand above

    traditional methods is that it can suck out the dirt collected inside small spaces. For example it may be

    impossible to clean the dust and dirt accumulated in between the keys in a keyboard. using a vacuum

    cleaner to this task would help the user to complete the task within a short span of time . Another major

    positive side of using vacuum cleaners over brooms is that vacuum cleaners can even clean dust

    accumulated in wet floor etc. Brooms would miserably fail at this task and would even causes a menace

    to the user. When we are discussing about the positive aspects we need to look into the negative

    aspects also. The primary con of a vacuum cleaner over traditional methods is that a vacuum ceaner

    needs electricity to operate, some people have the opinion that by replacing brooms with less effort needed

    vacuum cleaners, it may cause loss of exercise which was then gained through traditional Sweeping

    methods. Vacuum cleanercan be considered as a boon in cleaning interior of vehicles and corners.

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