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Activity Discussion General Discussion Important things to girls

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  • Jyothi krishna

    May 21, 2021 at 7:59 pm
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    There were generally not any things that only girls must remember in my opinion. Because this importance makes a hierarchy among male and female. Universe is for all so that everyone must aware and know about what happens in their surroundings and why it happen. Be show some respect to others. So that we can handle any situation. Most of the girls are not aware about the menstruation period at first. Most of the parents and teachers told them that you know it later. Later? This later usage makes them to afraid at that time. If they are in a public place they don’t know what to do. Some girls get cry, others be panic and ask help of others, and only a few people have the ability to know what to do. This sudden incident makes them feel that they are shame on the public and how to face them. For make first menstruation period will be a positively memorable moments only with the help of parents and teachers. Just share to them without any hesitation.

    In the age of 15, most of the teachers are breaks the friendship of boys and girls by saying that they are grew up children and have a limitation in their friendship because you are girl. What a rubbish talk. These talk leads them to thought that the relation between a boy and girl is very special and later it leads to some bad relationships. Don’t make any barriers between friendship. A good and healthy friendship doesn’t have any male or female version. There is only a group of friends.

    A girl must aware about their society and culture. So try to attach with the culture. Some family make some restrictions to them. Sometimes it is helpful for us, so that don’t avoid the instructions of older people, because they are loves us.

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