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Activity Discussion History Indian council act of 1909.


    May 27, 2021 at 8:56 pm
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    The Indian Councils Act 1909 is also widely known as the Morley-Minto Reforms. In 1909 British Govt, passed a law that enhances and increase the scope of the British Parliament with respect to legislative councils. This was done by keeping the idea that Indians get much more participation in the governance of the state.

    In 1892 with the Indian Councils Act there was restricted members’ representation in election. There was no involvement of rights that are in relation to the people of the country. This caused a major outbreak where Indians who are conscious of their rights felt compromised. For this, Lord Carzon received much more criticism and was bashed. The public began to think that that partition of Bengal was one of his plans to divide and compromise the rights of the people.

    The government was determined to squeeze the rising power of the extremists. They do not want to do it directly as they do not want to upset the moderates.

    Gopal Krishna Gokhale met Mr. Morley in England. There he got to know that Viceroy Lord Minto was kind enough to find empathy for the people of the country. Thus, later in 1909, the Viceroy and the Secretary of State for India established this particular plan to execute the participation of Indians in the Legislative councils.

    This Indian Councils act 1909 took place.

    Now, what was the content of the act?

    Firstly, the act authorized the selected members to give an opinion on topics like budgets. They can challenge, give opinions or ask questions related to the matter and can even move resolutions on topics such as loans.

    They were also given the additional right to discuss matters that are in direct relation to public affairs. Not only that, they have the authority to form rules, but of course, that has to be discussed and passed by the house before.

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