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Activity Discussion Environment Is greenhouse just a theory?

  • Ishita

    August 6, 2021 at 4:50 pm
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    Greenhouse gas is a true aspect of today’s environment. It is not just a theory.Greenhouse gas is a harmful gas which in the earth’s atmosphere traps heat. It lets the sunlight pass through the environment but it prevents the heat which sunlight brings from leaving the atmosphere. It will cause the atmosphere to become hot and harmful. The examples of greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide, water vapour etc. Greenhouse gas causes many harmful effects on the environment. Global warming is the main effect of greenhouse gas. Global warming is a very important issue today. The heat of the earth becomes more and more which causes global warming. But the main cause of global warming is this greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide make weather more and more warm which increases the temperature automatically.

    Destruction of wildlife caused by it.Many wildlife animals like penguins, seals,and wolves are used to living in cold weather. But for greenhouse gases the temperature increases which makes the environment very difficult for them to live in. That’s why many of the rare animals died most of the time. They are not able to live in hot weather which costs them their lives. Many aquatic animals die because of it as heat can make our water bodies hot as well. The heat caused by greenhouse gas makes our water bodies also so hot. So most of the time many animals and plants that live under the water die because of this. Forest fair can be held for greenhouse gas.If the level of greenhouse gas like carbon dioxide increases in the weather it can cause forest fair. Forest fairs can destroy many plants and animals. And cause many harmful effects towards the environment.To prevent these harmful effects of greenhouse gas we should always try to protect our environment. Prevent deforestation always plants, never burn those fuels which can make greenhouse gas. If we all be more careful and protective towards our nature, greenhouse gas can’t do anything to us.

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