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Activity Discussion Environment Life cycle of funaria


  • Shivani

    June 18, 2021 at 7:54 am
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    Funarias are two types of life: the sexual and vegetative.

    A. it is The sexual stage of the life:

    The life cycle of funaria has a haplo-diplotic type. In the cycle of free-living haploid gametophytes alternate with semi-parastitic ones sporogony. In this type of alternation of generations is termed heteromorphic, or cell. Instagram instagram is a free-living gametophyte (n), is in a 2: instagram (young gametophyte), and the green instagram (mature gametophyte).The main plant-body is in Funaria is a living gametophyte (n), is in a 2: instagram (young gametophyte), and the green instagram (mature gametophyte).

    1. Spore germination

    The spore is in the first cell of the gametophytic generation to the next. In a more humid environment, the instagram funarii grows in a filamentous algae-like structure is known as the “green”. Instagram instagram Instagram is is is green epitrane instagram twigs (chlornema), and non-renewable underground, instagram twigs (caulonema). The chloroem branches to produce a variety of buttons, each of which develops into a sample from instagram.

    2. Adult, instagram:

    It is a 1-3 cm in length, in height and varies in rhizoids, spindle (stem), and leaves.


    Multi-celled, colorless, and root-like structures with oblique septa. To help enhance absorption.

    ii. Ось:

    It is up to 1-3 inches in length and branching. The pump shaft and the branches are covered with spirally arranged leaves. The tip of the shaft provides to overflow them as a bud-like structure. The bridge to growth is caused by the activity of the apical cell region.

    iii. Browse:

    The leaves are sessile, oval-shaped, and green. Each one is equipped with a central rib on either side of a single-layer sash.

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