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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Meaning of devastation and 20 sentences on it


  • Mahima

    June 15, 2021 at 5:48 pm
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    DESTRUCTION – Destruction means great damage.


    1) However, there was no widespread destruction of the land.

    2) Floods wreaked havoc in this town in 1821 and 1883.

    3) The virus has devastated the cherry tree population in the country.

    4 Ram would be devastated without you.

    5 Dean promised to speak with Rita, but Shyam was devastated as he hung up.

    6 In the first 2 years, he’d gone from cheerful to devastated.

    7 Betty, for crying out loud, he’ll be crushed, Sarah said.

    8 The epidemic reported by Boccaccio destroyed the island in 1348.

    9 The destruction might cost as much as £6 million.

    10 Even if a conventional conflict were to take place, the level of devastation would be too high.

    11 We looked around at the fire’s devastation.

    12 The conference’s delegates were taken on field tours to view the devastation.

    13 The public has expressed regret and indignation in response to the latest devastation.

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