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Activity Discussion History Mughal rule

  • Shamida

    June 23, 2023 at 4:29 pm
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    Under Akbar, the Mir Bakshi was responsible for overseeing the imperial household and the administration of the military. The position of Mir Bakshi was a significant one in the Mughal Empire and held great influence and authority.

    The Mir Bakshi was in charge of managing and organizing the Mughal army. They were responsible for recruitment, training, and deployment of troops. The Mir Bakshi worked closely with the emperor to maintain an efficient and powerful military force. They would oversee the appointment and promotion of military officers, as well as the distribution of salaries and provisions to soldiers.

    Additionally, the Mir Bakshi played a crucial role in maintaining the emperor’s court and managing the imperial household. They were responsible for supervising the administration of the royal court, including the reception of nobles, officials, and foreign envoys. The Mir Bakshi would also handle the distribution of honors, titles, and rewards to the nobility based on their services to the empire.

    Furthermore, the Mir Bakshi acted as an intermediary between the emperor and the rest of the administrative structure. They would receive reports from various provinces and officials and present them to the emperor. The Mir Bakshi had the authority to recommend appointments, transfers, and dismissals of officials within the empire.

    In summary, under Akbar’s reign, the Mir Bakshi held the responsibility of managing the military affairs, overseeing the imperial household, and assisting in the administration of the Mughal Empire. Their role encompassed the organization and command of the army, maintenance of the royal court, and serving as a liaison between the emperor and the administrative structure.

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