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Activity Discussion Essay Necessity of wild life in ensuring a balanced ecosystem.

  • Ishita

    August 9, 2021 at 6:25 pm
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    Wildlife ensuring balance in ecosystem:-

    Wildlife is a very significant part of the environment. It provides stability in different parts of nature. It is important to maintain biodiversity in the environment. We can not survive on earth without the support of wildlife. We are an important part of wildlife to make ecological balance on earth. It has a very important role in our life .Wildlife helps to maintain the ecological balance in the earth. Killing of carnivores results in an increase in the number of herbivores. This incident makes the entire forest into vegetation. Due to lack of food within the forest they are available out from the forest to agricultural land and destroy our crops. So thus you can know that wildlife helps in maintaining ecological balance even by being predators of each other . The major reason for ecological development is because the animals are great predators. So, if this stability in nature disturbed it leads to many problems in the environment. The entire wildlife played an important role in our economy. Wildlife provides us with raw materials which are basic materials to start an industry. various wild plants give us food, medicine, timber, fibres etc and thus the wild animal products like meat, medicines, hide, ivory, lac, silk, etc. So wildlife is an important factor to develop our world. So hence wildlife played an important role in the development of economy. Many animals like chimpanzee, monkey and rats are used to experiment many things before try it on human. So it is proved that wildlife supports science alot. In various ways wildlife support us so we should conserve the wildlife and protect them.

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