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Activity Discussion General Discussion open book exam


  • Aashutosh

    June 9, 2021 at 10:31 pm
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    Pros of open book exam:

    1.Open-book exams can rid rote learning, which is deeply established in the Indian education system. And they will fore student to learn analytical skills, students will be encouraged to be analytical & creative.

    2. Memory-based exams only award the students that have a better memory. But Open-book exams can be a living legend for the students who know the concept.

    3. At present, students are concentrating more on memorizing for exams rather than on conceptual understanding. But with the help of OBE students can peacefully learn concepts.

    4. Open-book exams can improve the method of teaching and can also improve the quality of education.

    5. It can also eliminate the fear of cheating & copying.

    Cons of open-book exams:

    1. With open-book exams, students may not focus much on their studies.

    2. Evaluation in open-book exams is tough that might put even more pressure on students.

    3. Fear of forgetting the content will be eliminated.

    4. There are many coaching centers available out there that prepare students for various exams that provide model answers for all the concepts, which can be memorized. This can minimize the purpose of open-book exams.

    5. Open-book exams may discourage students from memorizing even the basic things which constitute the basis of learning.


    1. The lack of quality teachers in India will be a serious challenge in implementing the new way of teaching.

    2. Training a large number of evaluators in the new evaluation method is big a challenge.

    3. Students should be guided well to give open-book exams, otherwise, they may just copy what is in the textbook. A real challenge

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