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Activity Discussion Environment Ozone layer

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  • Edutuber

    June 3, 2021 at 11:21 pm
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    Ozone layer is degrading , we have to save our ozone layer, without ozone there is no earth, these are the quotes which are mainly heard during the ozone day. But is it necessary to protect ozone layer? What is ozone layer? To answer these questions we have to look at different layers of atmosphere , troposphere , stratosphere ,mesosphere,thermosphere these are the 4 main layers of atmosphere. Troposphere is the primary level of atmosphere and ot extends upto 10 kilometers to the sky. Stratosphere is the next layer which is seen about 50 kms above troposphere. It is in this layer Ozone layer is present . Ozone is a compound of 3 oxygen molecules. It is highly unstable. In the ozone layer the ozone disintegrates into a oxygen molecule and O2. The single Oxygen molecule gets fused with another O2 and again forms ozone. For this process Harmful UV rays from the sun is necessary and it is kept protected from reaching earth. But the presence of highly reactive Carbon compounds in the layer disturbs the reaction and causes formation of carbon compounds rather than ozone – oxygen reaction. This causes a hole in the Ozone layer . This hole causes the passing of harmful UV rays to the earth. This causes deadly effects on the earth and life and ecosystem will be disturbed on a whole. The UV radiations causes cancer too. It is due to this environmentalists are protesting against carbon emission. Even though ozone stops UV radiations, inhaling ozone gas causes deadly diseases or even death.

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