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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Pendulum clock

  • Tinkle

    May 23, 2024 at 3:32 pm
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    A pendulum clock is a mechanical clock that uses a pendulum, a weight suspended from an arm that swings back and forth, to regulate the timekeeping mechanism.

    The key components of a pendulum clock are:

    1. The pendulum – This is the swinging weight that oscillates back and forth, providing the regular timing impulses to advance the clock.

    2. The escapement – This mechanism allows the clock’s wheels to advance a small amount with each swing of the pendulum, converting the pendulum’s motion into stepwise rotational motion.

    3. The power source – Most often this is a weight that is periodically rewound or a wound spring that gradually releases its stored energy to power the clock’s movement.

    4. The gear train – This series of interlocking gears transfers the power from the weight or spring to the escapement and hands, moving the clock’s time display.

    Pendulum clocks were first invented in the 17th century and were prized for their accuracy compared to earlier clock designs. They provided a reliable way to measure time before the advent of modern electronic timekeeping methods. Many antique and traditional clocks still use pendulum mechanisms today.

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