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  • Jyothi krishna

    May 28, 2021 at 8:08 pm
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    Like humans pets too need a proper care in all time. They are living creature, we take them for our personal interest. No one have the right to change the life of any one. By using animal or birds as a pets we are neglected their life to spend in their own wish. There are some people who buy dogs as a watchman to their home. They only give food water and shelter to them. Not give their love or time to spend with them. They seen the pets as an animal. Those animals were completed their life in their cage. But there are a lot of people who loves their pets. They brought the animals or birds as a companion to share their free time. They become friends and talk each other in every day. Those people never seems it as an animal.

    The government says that to send the pets for trimester check ups. In summer season it is hard for every living creature. At the present situation humidity levels in atmosphere is very high. Most of us put animals in the outside. This leads them to have more humidity. In summer season bath them twice. If we can’t bath them daily atleast pour water upon it it helps to reduce the amount of heat. Give much water for drinking. Cover their cage with some green leaves to avoid the direct entrance of sunlight. We can lock them outside under a tree during the noon time.

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