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Activity Discussion Environment Plants to purify oxygen

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  • Ishita

    October 9, 2021 at 8:05 pm
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    There isn’t any special time when trees generate oxygen. Every size of the tree can produce oxygen. It doesn’t matter
    the time, place or anything. Trees produce in the process of making food. We, humans, inhale oxygen and produce
    carbon dioxide. Trees need carbon dioxide to prepare food. Trees made oxygen through the method of photosynthesis.
    The leaves of the trees lure CO2, sunlight, and water to nourish the tree. Oxygen is released from trees as a product of
    this chemical reaction. One big tree can create oxygen for four people. Trees store CO2 in their fibre to wash nature.
    Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that is so negative for the environment. The study exhibits in one year a developed
    tree will absorb quite 48 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere and release oxygen in exchange. So this is the process
    of making oxygen. Every tree can produce oxygen at any point in time, whether it is day or night. Hence it is proved that
    trees are the biggest friend of mankind. So planting trees is very important for us to survive. The trees are taking a large
    part to remove pollution in the environment. If trees do not produce the oxygen we all will die. Oxygen not only provides
    us with life but also rebuilds our nature in numerous different ways. So every time you breathe, keep in mind it is for the
    oxygen that trees give us. If trees stop to give us the oxygen we all eventually die.

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