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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Poetic Devices

  • Sanam

    June 11, 2023 at 8:18 pm
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    Metaphors and similes seem like they are the same but they are different with a minor difference between them. Similes and metaphor are a figure of speech that is used in a sentence, especially in grammar. Similes and metaphors are common in our daily life.

    A simile is a part of speech which is used to compare one another using the words, as, like, and so. Whenever the sentence is compared using these three words they are defined as similes. For example, His eyes are glaring like stars in the sky. Her heart was broken as the mirror breaks into pieces.

    Metaphor is another part of the figure of speech in which we compare directly. f Fun, you can say when your boyfriend cherishes you and butter you with ample appreciation. For example, She is an apple of my Eye. You’re such a chicken.

    There are 6 Figures of speech:

    1. Metaphor

    2. Similie.

    3. Onomaetopia

    4. Hyperbole

    5. Personification

    6. Alliteration

    I hope this helps!

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